Team MartinoWest



Employee Morale Booster

Amanda Daugereaux

New Business

Amanda loves spending time with her family and friends, shopping, and taking day trips. She will be the first friendly voice you hear when starting the shopping process for your insurance.

Chaundra Martino-Reide

Account Manager

When she isn’t snowboarding, mountain biking, dancing, or doing yoga, she is making sure you get the service you need with down-to-earth conversations. Cross all the Ts, dot all the Is, and have fun doing it!

Dave Fear


Dave is a 15 year plus veteran of the health insurance industry.  He served as president of the California Association of Health Underwriters 2018-2019 and is very active in legislative matters involving health care reform.

Courtney Faherty

Benefits CSA

Courtney is a happy-go-lucky girl. She strives to keep all her clients happy and healthy by making sure they are taken care of with their health benefit plan. You will most likely find this one in the gym before or after work!

Kerryn Bieg

Commercial Lines CSA

Kerryn is a Mom, Wife & SF Giant’s fan by passion, insurance by profession,  and Client-Centric by obsession.

Cindy Harvey

Office manager

She will go above and beyond the call of duty. When she is not killing it at work she is playing hard by spending time with her family and friends, boating, fishing, camping, and riding motorcycles.

Denise Vaughn

Work Comp

As our work comp guru, Denise has been mastering her skills since 2004. She knows the ins and outs of your policy and will make sure you do too!

Steve Martino


As the head honcho, Steve leads MartinoWest with passion and entrepreneurship. He is the first to admit his mistakes and believes true leadership is found by listening to his team – even if they don’t always agree!


Steve Martino, Founder and KTM enthusiast

MartinoWest and its logo is a representation of Steve’s commitment to his family and his wife, Toni West.

Meet Our CEO:

Steve Martino is our senior professional, inspirational leader and devoted entrepreneur with an eye for what makes a business succeed. With over 40 years as a business owner in various industries, Steve has seen it all.

Steve is an avid dirt bike rider and snowboarder, a father of two bright young women, and a grandpa to a strong-willed granddaughter! His passion has been to help those around him and to leave each place he goes better than he found it. He built MartinoWest to help business owners by demystifying the way insurance is sold, giving the business owner more leverage in the process.

MartinoWest and its logo is a representation of his commitment to his family and his wife, Toni West. He is honored to serve you and share the values he holds to create an honest, ethical and client-centric experience for you.

To learn more about Steve professionally, read his bio below.
Stephen A. Martino Profile


“Small Business Isn't for the Faint of Heart. It's for the Brave, the Patient & the Persistent.” - Steve Martino