Save up to 30% on Your Auto Dismantler Rates with Workers' Comp Insurance

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Cash Safety Incentives

Our clients’ receive competitive rates on their workers’ comp insurance policies that generally save up to 30%. In addition to the savings, our clients may also qualify for a cash safety incentive of up to 25% of their paid premium. For clients who have low or reduced losses, they are rewarded with a cash back safety incentive!


SCADA Discounts

As a new client with State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA) members receive a contribution toward their membership dues. We are proud to give members a direct benefit that helps them become a bigger part of the dismantling community. Please call us for more details on how you can earn discounted membership dues!

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With 20% of commission dollars going to associations that support dismantlers, our programs contribute to funding causes that protect the industry and your ability to earn profits. We encourage you to become a member to experience comradery with fellow dismantlers and use your buying power to directly benefit your  business.

Need more information? Give us a call and we will be glad to share how the association works for you.