Why We Lead the Industry

With over 35 years’ experience, MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions understands the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Couple this with well over a decade working directly with dismantlers, we have created a solid understanding and ability to provide solutions for this niche. We have identified how specific products are able to provide the support and coverage needed for a dismantler while also providing financial relief to their bottom line.


MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions was created by Stephen Martino in 1999 to service small to medium businesses. Martino was working in the high-tech manufacturing industry, managing around 300 employees, when he was introduced to a PEO service product. He was struck by the ways this model was able to help his business, so much so that he decided to change careers and offer these services to others. Over the years, this model has developed into more sophistication and flexibility in delivery, as a result the concept remains solid. Steve has maintained that approaching clients’ as individuals and providing solutions as if it were his own business proves to be vital in helping his clients maintain their competitive edge.


“I like the fact that [PEO services] helped how small business services and insurance were delivered to small to medium clients,” he says. “I believe small to medium businesses are the backbone of our economy and in great need of assistance. It just makes sense long-term.”


Martino created his own brokerage representing multiple types of insurance lines and bundled products; employee leasing, staffing companies, PEOs, ASOs, which eventually became MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions. His work in the technology industry taught him how to react quickly to changing markets, and he brings these skills to MartinoWest Business & Insurance Solutions. Today, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve in areas which we can deliver innovative business solutions.


Associations know that the way to stand out is to offer their members access to services that are designed for them and that offer solutions to problems their members face every day. In today’s climate, generating income for an association is tough. With our commitment, we have created an agency to partner with associations that provide much needed revenue.


The most prominent benefit that MartinoWest can offer associations is revenue. Our pay-as-you-go comp plans eliminate large premium deposits and installment payments. Members can maximize cash flow because premiums are based on actual payroll, not estimates. MartinoWest has ample experience working with auto dismantlers and won’t turn away an opportunity to place them in the most competitive program available. When a dismantler purchases their insurance through the association, we provide the association a significant portion of the commission earned.